7 Cheap and Simple Hacks to Improve Your Bathroom

7 Cheap and Simple Hacks to Improve Your Bathroom

Find easy and cheap ways to create your bathroom look and function better

Low Pressure in shower-head

Most shower-heads and faucets currently come with water-saving devices known as reducers. They’re nice for saving water (and money), however typically these models aren’t as powerful as you’d like. To get rid of the water reducer, unscrew the nozzle off its arm. Look within for the reducer; it’s sometimes a bright colour. Take away the seal that holds the reducer in situ then take away the reducer. Another reason for dangerous water pressure is difficult water which may leave mineral deposits during a nozzle and prohibit water flow. To wash a shower-head, soak it in vinegar to loosen and take away deposits. Boiling the vinegar, belongings it cool a small amount, then putting the shower-head in it’ll create it work even quicker. If your water pressure hasn’t improved, check the shut off valves (both cold and hot) for your shower to examine if they don’t seem to be open as totally as they might be.

Dingy Regulator Handles

While we’d all in all probability prefer to replace our taps, however generally the budget doesn’t permit it. Those original one-handled clear plastic regulator handles will get a small amount funky over time from H2O deposits or straightforward daily use. You’ll be able to obtain replacements at the house center for a number of bucks, or if they are in fine condition, save cash by removing them (all it takes may be a screwdriver) associated giving them a soak in vinegar and an honest scrub with a recent toothbrush. You will be surprise at however well they’re going to shine and gleam.

Exhaust Fan Woes

Over time, dust builds up within the fan slits and makes it work less efficiently and effectively. you’ll be able to check the fan’s strength by inserting one square of bathroom paper before of it once running to examine what proportion air it’s drawing in (however, this might solely show you ways sturdy an admirer you’ve got installed). If replacement is not associate possibility, offer the fan an honest cleanup with a vacuum hose fitted with a brush attachment. It is also doable there can be a blockage within the piping. To wash this, you’ll be able to use an appliance vent brush that includes a flexible long handle with a coat the tip.

Cabinet Facelift

If your toilet cabinets area unit trying dingy however area unit still in smart functioning form, there is no ought to feel stuck if your budget is limited. Even builders’ grade laminate coated cupboards are often freshened up. There are a unit kits accessible that embrace all primers and paint/epoxy layers, otherwise you will merely sand, prime and paint victimisation normal materials. To form the duty easier, take away all the doors, drawers, hardware and work on these elements during a clean space off from the toilet. It is best to use rollers or foam brushes to induce a swish end, and you ought to high it off with a coat of polyurethane or polycyclic. For the finishing touch, obtain some new knobs and pulls.

Broken Tile

Cracked or broken tile isn’t solely unsightly, however can even be a visit hazard, a pointy exposed edge, or associate entry purpose for leaks. Cut round the broken or cracked tile at the grout line employing a tile saw attachment for a rotary tool. If it is not lose, you will need to interrupt up the tile employing a hammer or a chilly chisel. Ensure you shield the encompassing smart tile. Clean the realm completely and check to examine if there’s a void which will have cause the tile to crack. If so, apply a radical compound, smooth, and permit to line. Apply mortar to the rear of the tile and space it’s being inserted, and set in situ, ensuring its level with the encompassing tile. Permit the mortar to line and apply grout. Once this sets, apply a grout sealer.

Boring Mirror

Have you ever kicked off one among those big double-vanity mirrors that builders cement to the wall? Believe Pine Tree State, it is a rough task once levelling to stay the mirror intact (7 years is simply too abundant dangerous luck for my taste) yet as minimizing the injury to the drywall which will produce heaps of additional add fixture and repairing. A merely resolution is to stay the mirror and dress it up with molding. as regards to any style of molding can work, however one with a rabbit on the rear edge can permit it to suit up against the sting of the mirror and extend past it, giving a pleasant finished look. Since this within a part of the molding are going to be mirrored back, paint it black or a similar color because the remainder of the molding. Miter the corners and it will appear as if an ideal frame.

Preventing Mold

Mold wants wet and since your toilet is that the wettest place within the house, it is usually the primary place to develop those unpleasant spots. The primary step to preventing the buildup of mold is to permit correct air circulation. Associate fan can facilitate to delay wet, however do not discount the simple act of keeping the toilet door or window open. If you’ve got a drape, ensure to open it all the approach once you are done showering to permit air to flow round the curtain and water to empty away. Use a squeegee to wipe wet off of the shower walls and door. A slow drain keeps wet longer, therefore ensure its operating properly. Get on the lookout for leaks, significantly in hidden areas like rest room and sink shut off valves. The latter area unit sometimes behind or closed within a vanity and may be leaking slowly while not being detected. It goes while not expression that frequently cleanup also will forestall the build of mold.