Prides itself for advancement in the Oilfield Logistic Services. With over 10 years of experience delivering logistical solutions in the oil and gas industry, our management team knows every nuance of the industry more better than any competitor. We are able to use that experience to the advantage of our clients and continually provide our clients excellent service with reasonable pricing in any business environment. 

Staying on the cutting edge of new technology that will not only enhance the efficiencies of your delivery, but also improve the safety conditions is a top priority at EDIFICE CONTRACTORS. It is the unmatched commitment to training, safety and customer service fostered at EDIFICE CONTRACTORS that sets us a step (or more) above the rest. The training provided at EDIFICE CONTRACTORS is revolutionary in the oil and gas industry. The safety awareness and procedures our workers develop in training empowers them to create a safer environment for themselves and every individual they interact with on every client location. 

We strive to provide unsurpassed competitiveness with dedication to serve the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and providing innovative solutions to the changing logistics requirements of these industries.

EDIFICE CONTRACTORS strives for partnerships capable of weathering the ups and downs in this cyclical industry as well as meet the continual changes and technological advancements. Our goal is to effectively streamline your logistics delivery needs as well as assist you in providing a vast line of trucking and transportation solutions, design and execution of projects, and many more that you may be in need of. We excel in operational logistics and are ready to mobilize our team on time, safely and efficiently for all your delivery needs in America.

We don’t just safely deliver your logistics services. Edifice Contractors delivers unprecedented customer service.



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